Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday (age four or five)

I Remember:

Being a very little girl.
Maybe four or five.
Waiting for my Birthday.

Hoping to get a horse.

I was dark when I woke that morning.  My sisters were both still asleep.  I felt something stiff next to me.  A paper wrapped something.  The package was almost as big as I was.  It was not in a box.  What could it be.

A doll. A big soft stuffed doll that was as tall as I was.  She had elastic on her feet and hands that I could slip MY feet and hands into, so we could dance.

I loved her for a long time.

But, I really wanted a horse!

Well, one could always hope,
       Christmas was only a few weeks away!

Audio Version Merikay tells the story:

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