Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My favorite pastime as a child

A question from the book "A Mothers Legacy" What was your favorite pastime as a child?

That is a hard question, because I enjoyed many things.

One thing I do remember is  many happy hours spent drawing.

 I loved to draw horses.
When I was about ten I got a big Walter Foster " Basic Drawing" book for Christmas, and I copied the pictures of the horses over and over until I could draw them from memory.

We didn't have very many books in our home.  

We had an "Encyclopedia Brittanica" and a set of "Book of Knowledge" books that had some  pictures in them. 

I would scour them for any horse pictures I could find to copy.

I can also remember walking a long way to the Library with my older sister in the summer.  I was very excited to be able to check out books about and with pictures of horses.

I liked to draw many other animals, but horses were always my very favorite subject!

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  1. I miss walking to the library with my kid sister back in the early 80s (when we were living in New York City).

    Now, we rarely have a need to go to the library as most resources we need are available on-line, and when we do, we drive to there.

  2. Cardinals are my favourite (well, swallows too) but they are not indigenous to where I live now so I never get to see them anymore. To see more info please visit